Blue Zones

Blue Zones

Blue Zones are regions of the world where the author of the book Dan Buettner claims people live much longer than average. ... As the two men zeroed in on the cluster of villages with the highest longevity, they drew concentric blue circles on the map and began referring to the area inside the circle as the "Blue Zone".

For my book of the week challenge, I read this book and was very inspired. I have a goal to live over 100 years old. This book identifies key things that all these “centenarians” people, who are over 100 years old have done to increase their longevity. Here they are.


1 - They eat mostly plant-based foods a-lot of times picked right from their home gardens and fields. They eat meat and poultry only on special occasions that are not processed. Meat and poultry are considered a luxury. They follow the 80% rule and don't overeat
2 - They are active. They walk instead of drive most places. Driving only for long distances. They walk almost every day
3 - They have strong relationships with family and friends. They spend consistent quality time with family and have networks of uplifting friends.
4 - In  Loma Linda California, they do exactly what I do once per week. They observe the 'Sabbath.' They completely disconnect from technology and get completely off the grid. This has helped me more than I can explain to recharge my soul from such a rigid schedule being and entrepreneur. I do this from sun up to sun down Friday night to Saturday night. I call it a 'digital detox.' I get this feeling of inner peace,  the closer I get to shutting my phone off and being able to relax and get away from the action, the closer I am to a feeling of inner peace. Just to meditate, unwind and visualize as oppose to taking the 'action.'
5 - They keep their stress levels low and live outside of busy areas. I think big cities with a lot of pollution are so fast-paced, making it hard to keep stress levels down.


 Final Summary Of Blue Zones

Living a healthy lifestyle and maximizing your longevity is actually simple. We like to make things overcomplicated especially in the United States. The steps above that the centenarians are doing are very simple. If you follow the steps that are mentioned above, it will give you your best chance to maximize your overall health and wellbeing. This book has really inspired me to make changes in my diet and routines. I highly recommend anyone to give this book a read. Remember health is our greatest wealth and without it we truly have nothing. 
See you at the top!
Author: Dan Buettner
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