KirBeBetter Apparel Story

I wanted to create a clothing line that inspires and uplifts the BeBetter community!
You'll see the classic KirBeBetter logo tee as a staple in the mix and you'll also see strong affirmations we believe in at KirBeBetter like "Health is Wealth" and "See You at the Top!"
I chose to partner with my friend, who is a local Houston, TX entrepreneur, to bring this line to life because I am all about supporting small business and entrepreneurship. I also believe that teamwork makes the dream work and iron sharpens iron (you may see me drop that line on social media here and there)! :)
As a result, you are not only supporting the KirBeBetter movement when you make a purchase, but also another small, local business! BONUS: all items in this collection are made in the USA!
This clothing line represents another dimension of bringing the KirBeBetter mission to life! I hope the messages inspire you to take command of your health, to keep moving forward, and to live your BEST life! As my grandmother and KirBeBetter inspiration always told me: "it's bigger than us," so I hope these messages also inspire anyone who sees you repping your KirBeBetter gear!


This t-shirt is meant to remind you of the importance of your health.
True story: when I was checking out at Whole Foods one day while wearing this tee, the cashier looked at my shirt and said "Health is Wealth" and I said, "you know it! It's the greatest thing we have!"
I want to keep putting that inspiring energy into the world through this clothing line and I want YOU to help me spread this important message far and wide!
Get your very own Health is Wealth tee here!
Health is Wealth Tee


"See you at the top" means that we are limitless beings. We can constantly keep improving in all areas of our lives and continuing to Better ourselves and our lives!
I want this tee to act as a reminder to the wearer that we have no limits! Every time you wear it, I hope it reminds you that you CAN grow, and you CAN evolve, and you CAN get BETTER!
For others who may read this tee when you wear it, I hope it acts as an inspiration and a reminder to keep moving forward! 
When I say "see you at the top," I'm not saying I'll see you FROM the top and you'll be at the bottom. I'm saying let's get there TOGETHER!
Grab your very own here and I'll see YOU at the top!
See YOU at the Top Tee


It was no mistake or coincidence that the arrow in the K of the KirBeBetter logo is pointing up!
I want people to realize that we have no limits if we keep moving forward! We ALL have greatness inside of us and the High Power created us all perfectly. When you tap into who you are destined to be, you start to realize your full potential and that you're a limitless being.
Something as seemingly simple as a classic logo tee or tank is still mindfully designed to inspire and share a powerful message at KirBeBetter!
You can pick up your very own KirBeBetter logo merch to remind you that you have greatness already inside you and if you keep moving forward with that BeBetter mindset, you will unleash it! #NoLimits
Items in this collection include:
KirBeBetter Merchandise


Last, but certainly not least, the For-A-Cause tee is one of my favorite pieces in the current collection, because it is a cause that means so much to me and is a big driving factor behind the KirBeBetter movement!
My grandmother, and KirBeBetter inspiration, passed away of ALZ and I had to watch her health deteriorate right in front of my eyes.
She emphasized giving back to me. She would say, "it's bigger than us, Kirby. We have to help others out." That is why 33% of the proceeds from each KirBeBetter For-A-Cause tee sold is designated to be donated to where all donations go towards research for preventing, slowing, or reversing Alzheimer's disease! The remaining profits from this tee will be put towards other Health is Wealth initiatives!
If you would like to help me honor my grandmother's name (and anyone else affected by Alzheimer's), you can purchase the KirBeBetter Comfort For-A-Cause Tee here!
KirBeBetter For-A-Cause Tee


I personally like working out in every piece of KirBeBetter gear. The men's and women's tanks are sweat resistant and the logo/See You at the Top/Health is Wealth shirts inspire me to keep pushing!
People who have gotten to preview the collection before launch raved about how soft the tees and hoodies are, so no Better time to add some comfort to your life than now!
This is just the beginning of the KirBeBetter clothing line! Lots more inspiring projects and gear to come, but don't miss out on the current collection!
We would love to see you rep your KirBeBetter gear, so please tag us on social media @KirBeBetter when your purchases arrive!
Health is wealth!
See YOU at the top!

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