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I created this FREE Meal Guide to solve a problem I realized was plaguing many of us: the lack of clear understanding on what is actually healthy to eat.
I can remember there was a time not too long ago when that was ME!
I first got introduced into eating healthy when I was playing my Freshman year of college tennis when I met a vegan. At the time, I was amazed and had no clue what a vegan even was! I remember asking, "You mean you don't eat meat?? How is that possible?!" I truly had no clue as I was raised with steak and potatoes or chicken for Sunday dinner.
At the time, my goal was to get leaner and I was working out like a maniac hours and hours each day in order to achieve that goal. I remember as we started to hang out, he schooled me on the healthy lifestyle.
He first called me out about drinking all the sugar water (aka Gatorade) that they gave us in the cafeteria right out of the faucet. I had only started drinking Gatorade because I saw the ads of the top athletes drinking it and I figured it was healthy! Sound familiar?
I also used to think ChickFila was healthy fast food and he quickly shut that false truth I had believed down. He opened my eyes to realizing that it's basically fried garbage made with several toxic ingredients (my apologies, Chickfila lovers - it's sad, but it's true). Although it tastes good and I still to this day get urges to pick some up when I drive by a location from time to time, I know that it is bad for your health so I refrain.
I realized that if I wasn't informed and educated on how to eat healthy as a college athlete, there must be a big lack of knowledge out there for others too, and, at its core, it is really very simple!
I am more convinced than ever that the foods we are putting in our bodies play a huge role on all the various diseases we get. Once I started to feel the benefits of eating healthy and how much more energy I was getting from eating clean, there was no looking back!
I believe now more than ever that food is thy medicine and I want to help inform others about the simple steps you can take immediately to start taking command of your health!
To help you feel empowered to do so, I created the FREE Meal Guide that contains 2 super simplified steps that you can implement TODAY to start your journey towards health! #HealthIsWealth
Some quick tips for maximizing your efforts:
  • Do NOT grocery shop hungry
  • Create a checklist BEFORE you go to the store (make it easier to find stuff on the list by categorizing it and listing out the exact brands you like to use so you can have a Better chance of sticking to your plan)
  • Stick to your list (staying consistent with your diet choices is key)
  • I personally recommend shopping at Whole Foods because of their banned list of ingredients that they refuse to allow in their store


Can't wait to see the BeBetter community using this FREE Meal Guide, so please tag @KirBeBetter on social media during your first grocery run and let me know in the comments if you have any questions!


Health is wealth!

See you at the top!


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