Top 3 Vegan Restaurants in Houston, TX

 My top 3 favorite vegan restaurants in Houston, TX are:


Doshi House Houston, TX

Doshi House

There is a difference made in your health when eating whole food vegan food and vegan junk food. Doshi House recognizes that and helps provide food and drinks that align with that way of eating, so it's no wonder they are KirBeBetter approved!

Mumbi Streets and Artisian Grill were 2 of the items recommended to my dad based on the fact that he loves steaks. Doshi House creates food that is well rounded and appeals to the senses that meat-eaters typically enjoy!

They believe in their food and believe in doing Better, so I definitely recommend giving them a try if you have not already!

Check out the full interview my dad Ira Chenkin did with Deepak (aka the genius behind Doshi House) about their menu, their philosophy, eating better, and some funny stuff in between here



Dino's Best Kosher Food Houston, TX

Dino's Middle Eastern Cuisine

Home of the "greatest chef in the entire country" my dad Ira Chenkin claims and here's why we love it so much:

  • KOSHER food made from fresh ingredients
  • Vegan/plant based-friendly (as well as options for carnivores too)
  • Recipes originated from moms, grandmothers, great grandmothers (so you know it's great!)

Check out more of what we ate and learn more about Dino's on my YouTube channel here!


Soul Food Vegan Houston, TX

Soul Food Vegan

The soul behind Soul Food Vegan, Taliek, believes health is wealth and prepares dishes with ingredients that nourish your body and your soul! Need I say more?

In case I do, Taliek is an herbalist/holistic health practicioner/naturopath. He helped bring Dr. Sebi and some others that preach mineralization and alkalizing the body to Houston, TX back in 2011. He has been inspired to turn bitter super foods into great tasting meals that promote health and healing in your body!

They even have a baker that brings fresh bread in each day. It is the BEST soul food and vegan food that I've had in Houston, TX! 

Learn more about Taliek and Soul Food Vegan on my YouTube channel here!


Did your's make the list? Let me know in the comments + let me know what your favorite is and what you eat there if it's NOT on the list!


Health is wealth!
See you at the top!



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