Top Shoes of 2020

 Top Shoe Pick of 2020

2020 has seen the release of some fresh, new kicks, from Yeezy’s to New Balance and of course the Jordan’s on Jordan’s (thank you to The Last Dance). All these shoes are amazing kicks but the top shoe of the year is probably one that you haven’t yet heard about yet. The top shoe pick of 2020 is the fresh and comfortable… Allbirds! Allbirds is a company based out of New Zealand that creates all their products from merino wool that allows for comfortability, easily washable and long lasting shoes! The great thing is that this company is all about bettering the environment! Many companies make this claim but it is clear to see the vision that Allbirds has! “At Allbirds, we make better things in a better way using premium natural materials.”


I have been wearing these shoes to go on morning walks, runs, intense workouts and they even go great in the business setting for your business casual days at the office! I would highly recommend this to any one of any age for your literal, everyday life! Great at home, work, the gym and the best part of all is that they are comfortable, slick, stylish and amazing for the environment. These kicks are 100 PERCENT KIRBEBETTER APPROVED! Get your pair of Allbirds today and check out their social media pages @allbirds!

Check out the full video review below!

See YOU At The Top!


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