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My Top 3 Wearable Tech/Smartwatches

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Apple Watch

This a revolutionary device that is now larger than the entire watch industry!

I got the Apple Watch when it first came out and have had every version of it since. What stands out to me most about the Apple Watch is how technologically advanced it is compared to others on the market! However, while I was excited about its many features at first, I have found I do not use most of them. In fact, I found that I really only use the most basic ones.

After I started to get more into personal development, I began monitoring my smart phone and other tech usage in order to gain control of my energy. I realized the Apple Watch can be overly consuming of my energy. Since we are so connected these days, the additional connection through Apple Watch on my wrist constantly vibrating with text messages and other notifications was a bit much. You are able to turn these notifications off, but I'm of the opinion if you're not going to use the majority of the features available why pay 500 plus for a watch? 

While it may have some factors that do not fit my personal lifestyle completely, I DO still think it's a great device!

I would recommend it to those who are looking for a more advanced product that also inspires the wearer to be more active and take command of their health, but my Tip is to be mindful of how much you consume it and utilize the "notification off" settings when you can!


Garmin Watch

This is the current watch I am wearing (Garmin Forrunner 735 XT to be exact)! I was introduced to the Garmin when I started training for my first half Ironman by my triathlete coach. I took notice of what other triathletes were wearing and this is by far the most popular for tri training. Garmin also offers many different styles that are reasonably priced!

You can check out some of my other favorite affordable Garmin options here!

The Garmin connects great with Training Peaks, which is how you get your daily workouts. It also connects great with your power meter on your bike and the Stryd Running Power Meter (check out my unboxing and review of the Stryd here).

The reason I have stayed with the Garmin Smartwatch instead of going back to my Apple Watch after my tri training was over is because it is a simpler experience with fewer, but still effective, features and does not distract me throughout the day. I've also heard that it is the most accurate for tracking running, biking, and swimming (unsure if this is a fact), which I still like to track even though I am not currently training for triathlons. It also has a few basic features, which are essential to my fitness routine, like a stop watch to practice EMOM (every minute on the minute) while lifting weights and an alarm that I set to 5:30 a.m. to ensure I wake up on time. 

If you are also looking for a simple, but effective fitness tracker, I would recommend a Garmin Smartwatch based on its clean user experience and lack of distracting notifications. Getting notified by our smartphones is enough for us to handle, right?



I noticed this one since it's the new kid on the block and became intrigued when I saw some of my favorite influencers advertising them, so I was excited to switch my Garmin for this one to try it out! Check out my excitement and first impressions on my YouTube channel here.

Unfortunately, I was not impressed with this device at all!

#1 it has no screen and it is NOT a watch. You have to access all data from the app and I prefer being able to check the time on my wrist. #2 When you DO take the time to look at the app for updates, it takes several minutes to update.

This device used to be over $500, but I noticed they switched to a subscription-based model which locks you in for 6 months to a year. 

I also don't think it is quite where it needs to be yet tech-wise. I feel like wearable technology is advanced in some areas, yet not quite where it needs to be in order to determine health decisions regarding your stress and how long is best for you to sleep.

I personally feel great sleeping 6 hours a day during the week and about 8-10 on the weekends. This device does NOT calculate that and was constantly telling me to sleep more, which was messing up my routine that I already know is working great for me. Listening to the body is key and wearable tech just cannot take into account the many factors to help make recommendations there yet.

The one thing I really liked about this product is the social component! They have a great and creative way to share your progress on social media. You can go to the live setting, hit record, and it will either take a picture or record your workout live while displaying on the screen your heart rate, strain, and calories burned. You can then save it and share on all social media platforms, as well as join groups that you and your friends create so you can stay up-to-date with each others' results (makes for fun and friendly competitions)!

Unfortunately, despite that fun factor, I would NOT recommend the Whoop device at this time but feel it has a lot of potential in the future. I also think the subscription model will not last and they will need to get the cost of the tech down for it to really compete and thrive in the wearable tech market.

Did your favorite make the list? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!
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  • wearable tech guy

    You should definitely try the Fitbit Charge HR 4.

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