See You At The Top Study (The Future Of Stem Cells)

Stem Cells Are the Future


See You At The Top by KirBeBetter is committed to maximizing human potential by conducting research and development in the most valuable areas to increase health and longevity.

This is exactly why we are conducted thousand of hours researching and studying the power of stem cells. We feel stem cells are in their nascent stage and have the ability to heal many diseases and injuries. Below is some of our most recent findings

Our founder Kirby Chenkin decided to use his own body as research and in December of last year flew to Costa Rica to Regenerative Medicine Institute (RMI) to have stem cells injected into his torn rotator cuff. He had a total of 50 million stem cells during the procedure which was essentially pain free. The results were beyond amazing. Within 4 months of receiving the stem cells the 14mm tear in Kirby Chenkin's right shoulder was completely healed.

We interviewed the doctor at RMI Dr. Striano that performed the procedure on Kirby who also conducted a published study with Bibliotics Journal. Here are the findings.


Pre-treatment scores were taken and post-treatment outcomes were determined using Numeric Pain Scale (NPS), and the American Shoulder and Elbow Surgeons Score (ASES), on a 1-100 scale with 100 being perfect function. One year following the treatment, we initiated the report with 18 subjects completing the one year follow up. We found significant improvement through twelve months in all measured scores. NPS pain score on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being worse, had a pre-treatment average of 7.94 that improved to 3.7 at month 12. ASES on a -100 scale with 100 being a perfect score improved from a 33 pre-treatment to a 66 at month twelve (Figures 1 and 2).

Baseline NPS vs 12 months (p<0.0001). Most significant improvement occurred during the first 24 hours of the treatment, with sustained benefit through 12 months follow up.

There was a significant improvement in ASES scores between baseline and all time points at week 1-5, 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months (p=0.0033, p<0.0001, p<0.0001, p<0.00017, respectively). There appears to be near-linear improvement in the score during the first 3 months with sustained improvement through 12 months follow up


Now you can see the power of stem cells and how they can have many applications moving forward to help people overcome their pains and symptoms. You can see by Kirby's personal story of healing his tear in his shoulder and the study taken by Dr. Striano reducing the pain tremendously from the patience in his study.

See You At The Top will continue to conduct studies on stem cells and other ares we feel will help humans maximize their longevity and overall health. Stem Cells are one of the many breakthroughs revolutionizing the health space over the next 2-5 years. Stay tuned for the next study and we will See You At The Top!

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